Firefox 64-bit Nightly 37.0a1 (x64)

Firefox 64-bit Specifications & Download(s)

Platform: Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista (64-bit only)
Developer: Mozilla Organization
License: Open Source
File size: 41.5 MB
Last Updated: December 2, 2014

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firefox 64 bit

Editor's Review for Firefox 64-bit

Mozilla Firefox for Windows 64-bit is now available for download, it is compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 (Mozilla Firefox 64-bit can only be installed on Windows 64-bit operating systems).

Firefox is an open source software, it is one of the most popular web browser, Mozilla Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine to render web pages (not IE kernel), the Mozilla foundation and hundreds of volunteers have been developing on it. Firefox is formerly known as “Phoenix” , then renamed “Mozilla Firebird” , and then to the name of Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox is open source based web browser, it means that every one can build a highly-optimized code to suite with Windows 64 bit systems, the most popular projects are the Pale Moon and Waterfox.

Mozilla Firefox 64-bit is currently in the Nightly Builds.
You might also be interested in Firefox Stable Version (32-bit), it is available for both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
Please note that while the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1 can be used to run Firefox final version, only 32-bit builds of Firefox final version are supported at this time.

Editor’s review

Though Firefox has drawn in a consistent user base with many of its releases, some people may be surprised that they can now get this new version. People may want to find out more about Firefox 64-bit before they opt to try it out for themselves. This is actually one of the first browsers to ever attempt to create a 64-bit version, so some of it will be experimental. There are a few reasons why this system is drawing in attention from savvy users out there. They realize that Firefox 64-bit carries quite a bit of potential.

New Features Brought in with This Version

There are a few features that will set Firefox 64-bit apart from many other types of browsers out there. It offers people a great chance to get more memory space out of their browser. This will provide people with more opportunities to use additional tools within their browser and potentially get more functionality as well. This should appeal to users who enjoy trying out many different plug-ins and add-on features with their browsers. They can manage quite a few different types of extras when they opt to utilize the Firefox 64-bit system.

What to Watch for with Firefox 64-Bit

Users may want to be wary of a few issues that they could encounter when they try out Firefox 64-bit for themselves. This is a bulky browser to use, so it may put a considerable amount of strain on some PCs and tablets out there. This means that the browser itself may not run as smoothly as other versions that people are used to using. There have also been reports indicating that Firefox 64-bit has some failings when it comes to using HTML5. This means that users may not be able to access certain sites or even view some videos like they could before. The Firefox 64-bit program offers some breakthroughs that a lot of users will want to try for themselves.

Firefox 64-bit Reviews

33 User Reviews

  1. win 7 64-bit

  2. The problem is not with your browser, but with Windows 8 being temperamental, like Windows ME.

  3. good mozzila

  4. win 8 64-bit

  5. is a good software

  6. very nice

  7. It normally would not be a issue to me however I just got a surface 8.1 RT and really can’t do anything on it windows won’t allow me to down load your program on it???????? Sound familiar ?????

    1. We have fixed it, please try again. Thank you!

  8. I downloaded Firefox-64 bit for Windows 8.1 and when I opened it up a Confirmation Script started flashing on the screen asking if I want to allow, deny, cookies from different websites it keeps multiplying on the screen so fasssssssst that I have use the Task Manager to close.

    I also have Internet Explorer and this doesn’t happen when I use it.

    Can you please tell what is wrong with Firefox and how to fix this situation.

    Thank You

  9. running W8 can’t get to my gmail, it lets me sign in and can’t get past personalizing everything but still can’t get to gmail.

  10. Nightly is not ready for primetime, the main page google will not even search now, you have to use the google toolbar. It crashes all the time, freezing up my system. When I don’t use it my system never crashes, 4 minutes into trying it out and it freezes up. A lot of work needed to make it work with win7

    1. Firefox 64 bit Nightly works good for me, maybe you have installed too many plugins, making the Firefox too heavy.

  11. I also have a Surface with 8.1 and it won’t let me download. It says to go to the app store. On the app store it wants to charge me for the “free” app!

    1. I know! I have the very same problems! Its like its not even my computer and I can’t make my own choices. Its starting to piss me off! On top of that Ive actually BOUGHT Google chrome from the windows store, and it still wouldn’t let me download! Why in the world would they sell apps that your not able to use!??? What a rip-off! It always tell me the same thing, THIS APP CANT RUN ON THIS PC. GO TO THE WINDOWS STORE. And of course they don’t tell you which app in the store it is! I feel like Microsoft owns more of my tablet then I do. Another thing: Why doesn’t it check and install drivers when it is doing windows update??? I’m having a terrible time with my Marvell avatar WiFi adaptor. I have to keep resetting it every 15 minuets or so. Its maddening especially when I’m in the middle of things! I’m beginning to think that windows 8.1 has a lot of issues that need to be. Fixed. Thing is they shouldn’t of put it out on the market since it has SO MANY problems!!!

      1. I agree Amen

  12. I also have a Surface with 8.1 and it won’t let me download, it tells me to go to the app store. In the aoo store it wants to charge me $1.99 for a free app!

    1. Firefox is absolutely free, don’t charge with the money! Just click the download link and it will download for you.

  13. Windows blocked install of Firefox-64 bit. with pop-up saying “potentially harmful software”. Gave no choices to continue or stop install.

    1. Have you tried Firefox 32-bit final version? It will work compatible with your 64-bit Windows system.

      1. I have been having same problems since 8 went to 8.1. Crashed bought laptop having same problem. Everyone wants to sell me tech support I am uninstalling Firefox. Other students having same issue. Agh

  14. Used firefox for years and love it and Microsoft won’t let me download on 8.1. I’ll get rid of them rather than you. Help please.

  15. this is so good and the worst part is it wont support firebug .

  16. Based on my experience, “Nightly” is not ready for prime time, at least for 64-bit Win 8.1,

    It seems to be seriously unstable, crashed my system more than once, and according to both Kaspersky and Malwarebytes, attracted a googleplex of viruses and other malware. It took me the better part of a day to reinstall FF, my add-ons, and a number of apps it apparently trashed.


  17. There. I just tried to download it from this page, and it told me the exact same thing! THIS APP CANT RUN ON THIS PC> THERE ARE APPS IN THE WINDOW STORE!!! I KNOW! I BOUGHT THE GOOGLE CHROME APP!! And it STILL won’t let me download it!

  18. تائیده جوان means too good

  19. This is good. But please provide Knightly 64-bit setup file UK version for Windows 8.1. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your advice but there are no Nightly 64-bit UK version currently, you can try install the UK language pack instead:

  20. Having trouble with nightly, opening gmail, says browser is not allowing cookies. Have tried everything but cannot. This is more or less new.

  21. So far the latest Firefox Nightly 35.0a1 x64 has given no problems, overall am well pleased running it as my default browser on Win 8.1 pro. Keep up the splendid work.

  22. Firefox is the best internet connection group

  23. I had to buy a new laptop, it came with Windows 8.1. It is making me CRAZY. I have used Firefox for years, now this laptop will not allow the download. Yes, the laptop is 64 bit. I’ve had this laptop one week; wish I could return it as this version of Win. is crap. Now to see if I can find a Firefox it WILL allow me to download. I have done more research with this laptop than with all my other computers combined.

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