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  • iTunes 64-bit

    iTunes 64-bit

    Apple Inc., - 189 MB (Freeware)

    Please note that iTunes 64-bit can only be installed on Windows 64-bit operating systems, or else you will receive error message when you...

  • iTunes 32-bit

    iTunes 32-bit

    Apple Inc., - 189 MB (Freeware)

    iTunes is a software that has several functions namely media player, media library and mobile device management. It is primarily used to ...

  • phpMyAdmin

    phpMyAdmin 4.7.0

    phpMyAdmin contributors - 13.5 MB (Open Source)

    phpMyAdmin is a great new open source tool that is free and specially designed to mange MySQL on the internet using a web browser. It's e...

  • Adobe Air

    Adobe Air Beta/ Adobe AIR

    Adobe - 10.3 MB (Freeware)

    The Adobe AIR runtime enables developers to package the same code into native apps for Windows and Mac OS desktops as well as iPhone, iPa...

  • ManyCam

    ManyCam 5.7.1

    ManyCam LLC - 77.1MB (Open source) review One way to spice-up web chats is to add special effects to your webcam chats. Special effects are categorized s...

  • UC Browser

    UC Browser 6.0.1807.1000

    UCWeb - 1.35 MB (Free )

    UC Browser is the best and free mobile browser,a low-powered web browser for PCs and mobile devices. The UC Browser for PC is one of t...

  • TeamViewer

    TeamViewer 12.0.75813

    TeamViewer - 14.0 MB (Non-Commercial Freeware)

    TeamViewer is a remote software program. This means that it allows you to share your computer with other people remotely including giving...

  • uTorrent

    uTorrent 3.4.9 Build 43388

    uTorrent - 2.29 MB (Freeware)

    Tools like uTorrent continues to be positively received by users all around the world. The additional ads on uTorrent will bother some pe...

  • VLC Media Player 32-bit

    VLC Media Player 32-bit Beta/2.2.4

    VideoLAN - 29.5 MB (Open Source)

    VLC Media Player is a free, open source and platform independent multimedia player which has the capability of playing different video, a...

  • Notepad++

    Notepad++ 7.3.3

    Notepad++ - 2.84 MB (Open Source)

    Notepad++ is, in many ways, the type of text editor that computer programmers have been waiting for all these years. It operates well and...

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