Waterfox 64-bit 56.0.4

Waterfox 64-bit Specifications & Download(s)

Platform: Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista (64-bit only)
Developer: Waterfox
License: Open Source
File size: 70.4 MB
Last Updated: February 05, 2018

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Editor's Review for Waterfox 64-bit

Waterfox 64-bit is a web browser that should be very familiar and user-friendly to anyone that is used to using Firefox. There’s a great deal of overlap between many different web browsers, and Waterfox 64-bit could almost be seen as Firefox’s important and necessary variant.

Waterfox 64-bit was designed for Windows x64, which makes it significantly more versatile and valuable for many users than many other web browsers. Operating systems change, and web browsers need to change with them. People can use multiple web browsers on the same operating system. Going back and forth between Waterfox 64-bit and other web browsers can give users a certain degree of flexibility when it comes to using their systems.

When designing Waterfox 64-bit, the developers placed a great deal of emphasis on making the browser function rapidly. Few things annoy users more than a lagging browser. In the early days of the Internet, people tended to accept that the Internet would be slow and that they would have to wait to complete almost any task. The standards have changed a great deal since then, partly because Internet usage has changed so much since then. Almost everyone is online today, and many people rely on the Internet to communicate and complete tasks necessary for work and school. Browsers like Waterfox 64-bit were created in recognition of these changes in Internet culture.

As a browser, Waterfox 64-bit has performed very well in tests. The tests demonstrate that it has a slight edge on Firefox in general, which should be enough of an incentive for many existing Firefox users to give it a try. When people use Waterfox 64-bit, they will get the browser’s unique speed, as well as the memory that a 64-bit platform can support in the first place. Waterfox 64-bit represents a step forward for web browsers in many ways, and it shows that web browsers in general will change with the times.

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