WinRAR 32-bit 5.60 Beta 4 / WinRAR 5.50

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Platform: Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP (64-bit / 32-bit)
Developer: win.rar GmbH
License: Shareware
File size: 2.83 MB
Last Updated: May 14, 2018

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Editor's Review for WinRAR 32-bit

WinRAR 32-bit is available for both Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit operating systems, you can also download WinRAR 64-bit for Windows 64-bit only. Editor’s Review

For over 19 years, WinRAR has be an indispensable tool for archiving and saving valuable information on our computers, both for Windows and for the Mac as well.
With its ability to compress multiple data file into a single file that is both protected with 256-bit encryption and it protects your data from corruption as well. It also can break huge files into smaller and easier to send files for use with email systems or FTP. This is a highly versatile tool to have on your computer today.
In this article, we will look at some of the highlight of this utility that is still going strong into its 20th year anniversary next April. When you are done, you may have found some new uses for this package and a greater appreciation of what it can do for your business if you are a developer,

Supported Operating System

WinRAR is supported on almost every version of windows and Mac OSS you can imagine and the current release (ver. 5) can run on Windows 8.
In addition, you can get it in two flavors, the standard 32-bit version as well as the 64-bit to support those who use CPU with the larger data paths.
WinRAR is now optimized to run in a Multicore environment as well


WinRAR has been around and in use for some many years because it can support almost any kind of compression scheme available for computers today.

It will decompress the following compression schemes:

This allows you to decompress software packages from any vendor and methodology of compression that is used or has been used in the past.

This is great if you have data that has been archived years ago and you need to have the information unpacked now.


WinRAR can be found on PCs and Laptops all over the world, as it is now available in 44 different languages in both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

This utility has almost attained universal acceptance as the world’s compression decompression tool.

Some uses of WinRAR you may or may be unaware of


One of the little noticed formats that WinRAR excels in is ISO disk images.

If you are a developer or software designer, you will find WinRAR invaluable to look at the disk images of your products to find flaws and correct them in future releases.

For the person who wants to keep backups of various programs and other data. This allows you to archive you entire CDs in their original form as CDs we love to use often wear out with heavy usage.

Secure software execution

Another feature that is often overlooked is with the execution of proprietary software. With WinRAR you can unpack on the fly execute code and then delete it.

All the while knowing it is in an encrypted storage area, which protects it from prying eyes.

Virus Protection

In a similar manner, you can ensure your executing software is coming from virus free source.

This is a great aid if you have to troubleshoot or operate you software in a questionable environment.

This is a great boon to service and support personnel who are First Responders to possible virus related situations on high profile machines.
You have to secure in the knowledge that you diagnostic and recovery tools are clean and uncorrupted or contaminated.

Version Control

Again as a software designer, you must keep copies of you projects that are in various stages of development.

WinRAR allows you to keep snapshot copies of the entire environment for either later study or just to have a earlier version of a package to work from if the current path you are following dead ends.

You can go back and try a different avenue or approach with an earlier version of the package. This saves you hours of backtracking to find out where a problem occurred.


In the same vein Authors, Researchers, and College Students who are working on their Masters or PHD Thesis and Dissertations can use WinRAR to save different versions of manuscripts, research papers, and Dissertations/thesis documents.

These types of documents often go through many revisions before they are ready for publication and having an archive of the development of an idea can prevent problems when it comes to who did what first in a patent issuance or dispute. These documents are potentially worth millions on the open market today to corporations, industry, and governments.

Also having an encrypted backup is a good way to protect against plagiarism or infringement.
Which is on the rise as people, companies, and even nations are copying or stealing Intellectual Property these days with increasing frequency.

To finish up

WinRAR is a great little tool to have on your computer. It can help save you disk space as well as organize your data, eBooks, or software.

It has many other uses such as the protection of sensitive documents, execution of proprietary software, and keeping different versions of the same.

If there is only one utility, you should have on your Laptop, PC, or Tablet Computer, that one should WinRAR.

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